The industry of mobile application development will linger to take over the technology planetary in 2017. Companies and owners of mobile application developers would emphasize more on the solution aspect and developing the supremacy of mobile technology to crack the real-time difficulties and hitches more and more.

Following are some of the foremost trends which are going to make mark throughout 2017. Read them before opting for mobile application development in Dubai.

Secure UPI payment & Wallet Applications:

If we talk about South Asia and Middle East, Secure UPI payment and wallet applicationare going to be a next enormousmechanism and it will transformSouth Asian and Middle East market subsequently leading to major demonetization steps to be taken by some governments and boosting cashless society. A vast majority of South Asian and Middle Eastern population depends on cash transactions and they are going to transfer to this cashless revolution. This phenomenon will raise the necessity of secure UPI payment, wallet and mobile payment solutions. Foremost financial institutions are already in full swing working towards this cashless revolution. Big businesses had been accepting the credit/debit cards and online payments but insignificant businesses were dependent on the cash flow predominantly. Moreover, this trend is going to be a big revolution for them. The economical way for small businesses can be a smart device based payment solution, allowing them to send and receive payment directly from customers to vendors.

IoT Based Mobile Apps will remain center of gravity:

With the eminence of IoT(Internet of Things)solutions, IoT is half-finished without the mobile devices. Mobile Apps are working to play a major role in feat of the IoT and live execution for diverse business cases. Mobile devices are getting advanced rapidly thanks to new inserted sensors for different operations and mobile Apps are going to exploit this supremacy to make this technology more easy-goingfor customers and users.

Cloud Technology Combined with Mobile Applications:

The traditional SOA architectureis gone and obsolete. With boom in mobile application development in Dubai, the distributed systems are more slacklytied and can perform much better than the previously known services. Custom Program Application Interface (API) based systems are destined to be substituted by the cloud services that act as the backend as a service. All mobile Apps are going to consume the cloud backend.

Mobile App Security:

As the incidences of hacking, fishing and breaking into the mobile Apps are happening more periodically than ever before, mobile App security is going to be a very acute aspect chiefly for the social and enterprise applications. It is true that these types of Apps are more prone to attacks to stealth of personal data.

Experts in data science and BigData analytics will be of immense help to big and small organizations alike. These tools and technologieswill be used to benefit mobile strategy. By availing mobile application development in Dubai, business owners will be able to accelerate business growth by enhancing the consumer experience. So, what are you waiting for?


Mobile devices are getting advanced rapidly thanks to new inserted sensors for different operations.