Who doesn’t love using MacBook and like looking all professional in their respective offices. When it comes to Macs, they give you the best user experience and top of the line software for all your business and professional needs. Although the accounting personnel’s at various firms doesn’t think the same. What is the use of a Mac, when it cannot be compatible with one of the best accounting software, i.e., QuickBooks? But to be fair, it’s not totally useless and Intuit’s customer support will try to solve most of the problems which you would be facing if not all. The mac users are still using the 2016 version of the QuickBooks for Mac in 2018, although company does release slip through updates for the version every year, many have already switched to QuickBooks for mac (online version).

Let’s see what functionality and features does the mac version provide and does those features make it worth it or not.


Long story short, if you are using the QuickBooks pro or premier of the desktop versions, then you can compare it with the QuickBooks Mac version, but if you have used the QB enterprise version, then note that the QB enterprise is much superior and there is no comparison with the Mac. Adding on to that, the files created and used in the enterprise, so you have to abandon your previous files and starts a fresh. Furthermore, if you have been using QuickBooks enterprise, then only sensible solution will be to install windows on your Mac, so you can install enterprise on it and enjoy.

Now, if you are coming from the pro or premier territory, then it would make total sense to do the comparison. The QuickBooks for Mac does have almost all the functionalities which QB pro or premier provide, although there are some exceptions like the multi-currency feature which mac version does not have, so you have to track and calculate all the expenses in your home currency, irrelevant of the fact that the transactions are International or not. The mac version also does not have manual payroll option unlike the windows version.

The main issue with the Mac version is that there are no automatic backups, so to prevent the data loss, you have to create backups yourselves.



Performance round is won by Mac by a good distance. Although the mac version has limited features, the loading time is faster in the Mac version, this includes troubleshooting programs or loading of the features, etc. Note that the performance may vary according to how well your system is maintained and the Mac UI you are using.