What is bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis is a phrase used to indicate the inflammation in women’s vagina. This happens due to the imbalance of vaginal bacteria, infections, or even the low amount of estrogen in postmenopausal stage. In short, bacterial vaginosis is one of the many diseases that attack the reproductive female part.

What causes bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis is caused mainly because of the changing number of bacteria in vagina. According to diagnosis, this disease is the result of the biological and chemical imbalance in the genital area. With each type of bacterial diagnosis, the causes can be different, for instance: changes in sex partner, intercourse with more than one partner, too much smoking, etc.

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis:

Some common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis:

  • The amount of vaginal discharge is excessive, with strange color and odor.
  • Having an itch in vaginal part.
  • Having pain during intercourse and urination.
  • Vaginal bleeding.

Other symptoms can be changed with different types of bacterial vaginosis.

Useful home remedies for bacterial vaginosis:

Here are some simple but useful remedies for bacterial vaginosis that you can apply at home.

  1. Yogurt:

In yogurt, there is a kind of bacteria called lactobacilli, which is of advantage to your vagina. For this reason, yogurt is definitely one of the best home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Furthermore, yogurt can balance the level of pH as well as reduce irritation.

How to apply:

  • Soak a tampon or cotton pad in yogurt. Then, apply it to your vagina. Repeat twice a day until there is improvement.
  • Eat yogurt every day.

If you are contracting vaginal odor, yogurt is a well-known treatment for this problem.

  1. Apple cider vinegar:

The acidic nature in apple cider vinegar will heighten the acidity in your vagina. The acidity will maintain a balance in the pH concentration and the number of vaginal bacteria. Moreover, this can prevent the thrive of bad bacteria and encourage the increase of good ones.

How to apply:

  • Add 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar to your bathtub in warm water.
  • Clean your vagina with this water daily until there is improvement.
  1. Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is, by nature, antibacterial and antifungal. For this reason, tea tree oil plays an integral role in the elimination of terrible smell and improves the condition of the disease.

How to apply:

  • Mix some drops of tea tree oil with warm water.
  • Clean your vagina with this water daily until there is improvement.
  1. Garlic:

Like tea tree oil, garlic is naturally antibacterial. This is very essential for the development of your immune system in order to control ferment and infection.

How to apply:

  • Grind 3 – 4 garlic cloves and mix with 2 – 3 drops of coconut or vitamin E oil. After that, smear the mixture on the affected area. Repeat twice a day until there is improvement.
  • Add some garlic cloves into your meals or eat raw garlic.
  1. Chrysanthemums:

Chrysanthemum is considered as an herb that has many effects in enjoying as well as healing. For years, both dried and fresh chrysanthemums have been used to make tea. The active ingredients in chrysanthemum essential oil are Bisoprolol which is considered to have anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

How to apply:

  • Soak a chamomile tea bag into hot water and wait for one minute.
  • Take the tea bag out of water and refrigerate for about 10 minutes.
  • Scrub the genital area with the tea bag.
  • Repeat once or twice a day until there is improvement.
  1. Ice:

The time for the most intense outbreak of itching is usually at night. At this time, you can apply ice or cold compress to the itchy area. This is a very effective way to relieve itching in the genital area of women.

  1. Basil leaves:

How to apply:

  • Put some basil leaves in the bathtub, leave for half an hour.
  • Soak in the bathtub. The therapeutic nutrients found in basil leaves help prevent the bacteria from growing.
  1. Salt:

Salt has a good antiseptic effect. It can cleanse, while helping prevent inflammation and itching safely.

How to apply:

  • You can use warm salt water for daily hygiene
  • Mix 4 tablespoons of salt in the bathtub, then sit in the bathtub for at least half an hour.
  1. Betel leaves:

Betel leaves contain a lot of sugar and essential oils, which inhibit bacteria and fungi. This, thus, contributes to the prevention of the entry of bacteria from the outside into the closed area.

How to apply:

  • Soak the leaves in salt water for about 10 minutes.
  • Then heat the leaves with hot water.
  • Wait for the solution to cool down then take the leaves out.
  • Use them to rinse outside genital area until there is improvement.
  1. Rosemary leaves:

How to apply:

  • Put the leaves into boiling water for 15 minutes and allow to cool.
  • Wash the vaginal area with this herbal solution.