Gone are the days when men and women could either focus on just their work and their houses without sparing any time for their hobbies and skills. More and more people are moving to different parts of the world for studies, to build their career, or after post-marriage. The one complaint that many people have after moving is the lack of good food! A whiff of food that is traditionally prepared back at home brings on a nostalgia attack and people scramble about trying to find ways to beat them. But there is another solution to this problem. Instead of relying on others to sate your taste buds’ cravings, why don’t you do a spot of cooking yourself and bring home a slice of your home town?


There are various cooking classes in Bangalore that are conducted throughout the year. Here are a few examples of the kinds of classes that are held in the green city.

  1. Master Chef classes – Don’t limit yourself to just a few cuisines. Learn about the different types of cuisines that are enjoyed all over the world. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there are umpteen options for you to choose from! Join classes that aim to teach you Master Chef-style, and learn about different ways of not only cooking, but also plating foods, drinks, and even entrees in interesting ways!
  2. Traditional dishes – Whether you’re a fan of poha or idli and sambar, you can learn about these traditional dishes that are typically had as snacks or for breakfasts. Learn how to make these dishes easily and become a star at home for your family, or a self-sufficient person who can pack delicious things in tiffin boxes, just for yourself!
  3. Egg-free baking – Those delicious cakes and pastries that make your mouth water and which are an important part of almost every celebration usually contains an ingredient that is not agreeable to all – eggs. Pure vegetarians do not get to enjoy these delicious baked goods. So if you’re interested in baking something for such people, then enrol for classes where you can make the same items without eggs.
  4. Cookout events – Some of the open-air venues, such as Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, are really special places to hold small but quality gatherings. People from different parts of the world come there and organize cookouts and other such interesting culinary events. These are special because you learn about exotic dishes, and you can participate in them actively rather than entering a teacher-student mode. Sample some of these lovely dishes and see for yourself how they are prepared so you spend a good time, plus you learn something new at the same time!
  5. Food decoration – Make your salads, cakes, and even rice items such as pulavs and biryani look eye-catching by enrolling for food decoration and presentation classes. These are there to enhance your cooking skills right until the end!

Young or old, male or female, it doesn’t matter. You just need to get ready to experiment with ingredients, utensils, and cooking styles, and you could be all set for life! The next time you miss home or want to astonish your visiting friends or family, you will be all set to impress one and all!