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Rajasthan, the territory of forts is the ideal epitome of great past and eye soothing engineering. The beauty of Rajasthan is contrary other states because of deficiency of trees and fluids, however its charm keeps luring sightseers. The land comprises mostly of never-ending deserts and limited plants.

The weather conditions of Rajasthan is often a major hindrance in travelling, but the charisma of its mansions triggers the list of every tourists. . What’s earned Rajasthan so popular internationally? The answer lies within the walls of its forts in addition to their splendid designs.

Here is a list of 7 Forts that will surely leave you in awe of it:


Kumbhalgarh fort- Udaipur-

Kumbhalgarh fort- Udaipur1

Indian minds have designed beautiful architectures of those kumbhalgarh fort is still serving to the tourists. The fencing of fort is of the length 36 kms, standing at the 2nd after, The Great wall of China. There lies abundance of amazes in here, plants, shrines, temples, and and apparently the fort itself is an motivation to every dream fort. This heritage has experienced wars since its built in 15th century by Rana Kumbha.

Amer fort-Jaipur-

Amer fort 111

Given its name after the city Amer, the fort is situated 11 kms outside of the Jaipur. engineered on the hills of Cheel ka teela, is alongside maoti lake. One can choose to walk to the entrance of fort or use the conveyance. Built by one of the main navratans of Akbar, Rajaman singh, the resulting architecture is no less than a treasure to India.

Nahargarh Fort- Jaipur-


It’s a 6kms commute from the Jaipur city, shadowed by the Aravalli Hills.. The beauty of Pink city elevates when viewed through the the surface of Nahargarh fort. The fort includes sunset view restaurants with seating’s and food accessibility.

The naming of this fort is a whole story by itself as several claims, it’s the spirit of Rathore Nahar Singh, titled after. The extended Fort walls have interconnected way to Jaigarh Fort. Of all the sunsets one would have witnessed, could never match the appeal of this, yet the journey will engage challenges of backpacking and terrible heat.

Jaigarh fort-jaipur-

Jaigarh fort new

Build to be a shield to the city of Amber and Jaipur, by Maharaja Jai singh, the fort is solely a piece of art. The distinctiveness of the fort lies in holding the world’s largest cannon in its premises aside from museum and other fort sights. The fort was built in 18th century, despite the fact that its breathtaking view is same.

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Jaisalmer fort-jaislamer


In addition to being the second largest fort of Rajasthan, it also has this unique name of Sonar Quila. The fort was built in 1156 by Rawal jaisal. The use of yellow sandstone’s and presence of yellow sand in the city makes it the Golden city of India.

Jaislamer fort has long been incorporated by the UNESCO in its list of world heritage sites.

Mehrangarh Fort-Jodhpur-

Mehrangarh Fort 2

Spread in the area of 5kms in the city’s heart is this heritage.. The constructor of the fort is Rao Jodha. The beauty of this fort has made it to the screens of Hollywood, The Dark Knight Rises has a significant shot done here. Large number of eagles gather here every day between 3:30-4 p.m. to be fed by the fort authorities. Please find more places to visit in Jodhpur here.

Junagarh fort- Bikaner-

Junagarh fort- Bikaner

In addition to the drool-worthy flavors, Bikaner is the owner of this grace. It’s a living example of two great cultures that ruled during 15th century, Mughals and Rajputs. Birth of this beauty lays back to 1571 A.D. Tourists are astonished by the presence of the phool mahal, Chandra mahal and the carvings made.

The elevated temperature and hot air make sightseeing a challenge for tourists. Travelling in Rajasthan, needs clothing advice. All the hurdles of the journey is the price we pay to witness the beauty of the fort and spectacular architecture.

Rajasthan is an ideal destination for all sort of vacationers, be it families , Honeymoon couple and even the first-time visitors and so is the great deal of Rajasthan vacation packages, developed for all as per the volume of persons included in the trips.