The beauty of Kerala is a delight to the eye. The entire state is blessed with a wide range of flora and fauna. It’s even home to some of the rare species found in the world. A time, in which the endangered species number is continuously rising, the state is doing a commendable job in preserving such rare species. And how can one not count the boat races of Kerala, which is simply a stunning experience. Hence, the place lacks nowhere, absolutely nowhere, to impress its tourist. No wonder why this place is called “god’s own city”.

However, the state along with its rich beauty of nature and surroundings and also has other tourist attractions and one of them is its “festivals”. Kerala encompasses some of the rare festivals which reflected the strong cultural traditions of the place.  Not many people know, but Kerala holds a very important place in the Indian history.

The place had a great past of ancient, medieval and modern history.  Being close to the sea, the place had served as an important route for various foreigners in the fulfilling trade purpose. Hence, the age old festival of Kerala is not limited to the indigenous population of the place, but is the amalgamation of its rich cultural past.

So, if you are planning to make a visit to the place, then don’t miss its festivals, which is a major attraction of Kerala and are included in various Kerala tour packages. However, the city has a long list of festivals, but I will discuss here two most important and beautiful festivals of the place, which are Onam and Vishu:


The most popular festival of the state and is very well known in many other parts of India. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, as it’s a mark of a good harvest in the state and hence, known as the harvest festival of Kerala. However, the background story is that the festival is also celebrated in the beloved memory of king Mahabali reign.  Mahabali was an ancient ruler, whose reign witnessed a period of love, prosperity and harmony and was seen as “the golden era of Kerala”.


The festival is celebrated for 10 long days and comes during the monsoon cycle i.e. august and September.  A large number of tourist, locals and how can we forget rains; increase the charm of the festival. Some of the other attractions of the festival are flower Rangoli, tiger play, onasadya, thumbi Thulal and other games and rides.


Just like other religious sects in the India, who have their respective new years, so is the state of Kerala which has the majority of Malayali people. According to the Malayalam calendar vishu is marked as the beginning of New Year to the Malayali’s. Hence, the state encompasses a wide celebration of the festival and people show their happiness by bursting firecrackers. Also, a special dish is prepared for the event which is prepared a night before and known as “kani-kanal”. The sweet dish is served to the deity Krishna first and then the Prasad is distributed among the people.


These were the two festivals of my choice. However, we can’t create any hierarchy in festivals as all are celebrated with great enthusiasm, pride and religious beliefs. So try to enjoy these festivals of the place, if you are planning a trip to Kerala.