Belgian truffles or milk chocolates- nothing can match up to the lovely smile that a box full of chocolates brings!

Valentines or mother’s day- the key to a woman’s heart lies in surprises wrapped with diamonds or chocolates. Yes, they are this unpredictable- you can win her heart over with a solitaire or a pair of earrings or it can be a box full of handmade chocolates that can mellow her all at once. This [...]

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Spice up Your Life with Your Cooking Skills!

Gone are the days when men and women could either focus on just their work and their houses without sparing any time for their hobbies and skills. More and more people are moving to different parts of the world for studies, to build their career, or after post-marriage. The one complaint that many people have [...]

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Fruits- the gifts of Mother Nature

“An apple a day keeps doctor away”-you all must have heard of this proverb. Not only apples but mostly all fruitsare the most nutritious food you can think of. Though not much liked by many, they are the best source of vitamins and minerals. The different fruits we see in the market have different nutritive [...]

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Top 15 Foods To Try In Kerala

Kerala is a gastronome’s paradise that caters to diverse palates. From an array of spicy and tasty non-vegetarian food to a delectable spread of vegetarian dishes and sumptuous desserts, local cuisine often prove to be a great treat, especially those who wish to explore the Malabar region’s specialities. Local food scene is heady blend of [...]

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