Valentines or mother’s day- the key to a woman’s heart lies in surprises wrapped with diamonds or chocolates. Yes, they are this unpredictable- you can win her heart over with a solitaire or a pair of earrings or it can be a box full of handmade chocolates that can mellow her all at once. This mother’s day indulge your mother with an assorted collection of chocolates. An assorted milk chocolate Ballotin gift box can best serve the sweet tooth cravings of your mum. It has flavored milk chocolate fudge, Turkish delight, dark chocolate caramels, white chocolate strawberry. This collection of finest British milk chocolates makes up for any occasion- be it a mother’s day, be it a thank you token or be it a Valentine’s gift.

Pacing up with the workload has taken a toll on the personal lives of many. There are several instances when you are not able to make it to the birthdays of your precious little ones. Knowing the favorites of your little bundle of joy make it up by sending over the chocolates by post and let it be a sweeter start to your kiddo’s special day. While ordering chocolates for your dear ones, you must keep in mind few details of the various types of chocolates.

There is always a friend who is perpetually on diet and hides his/her chocolate cravings. Order dark chocolates online for them and add to their delight as these dark chocolates are beneficial for health as well.

Dark chocolates with a higher cocoa content can prove to be highly beneficial for your health. Being rich in flavonols it makes way for a healthier skin as it increases blood flow to the skin and protects it from damage caused by ultra-violet rays. Dark chocolates, those with a greater cocoa content have been proven to be effective in improving cognitive functions as well. This property of cocoa can be owed to caffeine and theobromine present in it. Cardiovascular diseases can also be prevented with a regulated consumption of dark chocolates rich in cocoa. These effectively control the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and increases levels of high density lipoprotein (good cholesterol). In turn enhancing the blood flow and preventing clogging of arteries. Though it is healthy yet a controlled consumption is prescribed.

Milk chocolates and white chocolates have higher calorie contents when compared to the dark chocolates. The milk chocolates leave a creamier and sweeter taste due the presence of dairy fats and higher milk content. While white chocolates, as the name suggests are almost devoid of the cocoa solids as compared to dark chocolate. These have greater concentrations of milk, sugar and cocoa butter thus leaving behind an even sweeter taste.

A gift hamper full of Belgian truffle chocolates can stand-out in the queue of gifts and brighten up the faces of your loved ones with lovely smiles as well. While a hamper full of chocolates sounds pretty delightful, a hamper of chocolates along with spicy peanuts, liquid chocolate, espresso chocolate beans, orange and honey chocolate and Lavioli nutty forest miniature makes it sound class apart. When it is a special day of your loved one, or when it is a Valentine’s- go for the best collection of assorted chocolates that comes along with a teddy bear and send over your message, wrapping all your emotions and warmth within.