Yoga means union or to add or to join. With a dedicated path, it is possible to learn this science and create harmony in all facets of life. A 200 hour yoga teacher training program allows both a yoga lover and a yogi to apply simple rules of this science in his/her life to reap far reaching benefits. An initiation into this field of wellness, this month long course is available in many countries. Whether you decide to take up yoga teacher training in India or any other destination, the most significant aspect of learning is a practitioner’s grit and determination. For this, it is recommended that one should research thoroughly and understand the requirements of the program before signing up.

Here is a brief outlook of a yoga teacher training program for the beginners.


Yogic education is vast and consuming. It would be right to say that it is practically impossible to learn all facets of this modality in one go. But we all start somewhere and this is where a yogic certification course comes in. Introducing many subjects, a classic yoga teacher training school would offer: Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Meditation, Pranayama, Human Anatomy and Philosophy. All of these subjects help the practitioner to explore different sides of yogic studies. From intense physical training with Ashtanga and Hatha, a deep sense of spiritual enlightenment through meditation and pranayama and finally, the theoretical knowledge through philosophy and anatomy, every subject of yoga teacher training course forms a strong foundation of a budding yogi.

yoga teacher training in india

A sample day

The comprehensive program is both challenging and consuming. Faint-hearted aspirants should know that it would take all you have , but will transform you into a positive and a peaceful practitioner. The yoga teacher training students are expected to wake up with the rising sun at around 5:00 am and start with Hatha or any physical modality followed by breath work or pranayama. A holistic breakfast follows with some rest or time to manage personal chores. A theory class followed by adjustment or alignment class or a mantra chanting class ensues, as decided by the yoga teacher training school. Lunch break with some rest and then get ready for another theory class. Once again, it is time for a practical class and finally the day closes with a relaxing meditation class and a holistic dinner. Everyday teaches the student something new about himself/herself and the yogic science.

A yogi’s contribution

Once you know about the course and a sample day, you can understand that one requires a deep sense of commitment towards this art of the craft and spirituality to be able to work through the month long yoga teacher training program. There are days when the body would want to give up or times when the mind would refuse to go with the flow. As a yogi, it is the duty of the student to pledge towards pushing himself or herself and face the challenges as they emerge. After the successful completion of the course, the yoga teacher training school will offer certification from Yoga Alliance, which will come handy in starting a new journey of life.

This course of recommended not just for the aspiring teachers but also to those who seek to improve their lifestyle and mindset.