Bulgaria citizenship give you this ultimate opportunity to live in the Europe’s youngest and country’s only capital, none other than Sofia. It happens to be amongst the oldest settlements dating back to several millennia from the times of ancient Thracian and Celtic tribes followed by Slavs, Romans and Ottomans to modern day. The impressive heritage lends the city some amazing historical elements accompanied by quality lifestyle.

Construction of the metro system clearly defines full extent of the city’s ancient foundations unearthed as a result of railway network. Entire streets, unspoilt houses, churches and baths that dates back to nearly 2,000 years risen majestically when Sofia served as provincial capital to the Roman as Serdica.

Some of these exclusive excavation sites are now open to public that won’t be a problem to explore if you qualify for Bulgaria citizenship. The country gained freedom from Ottoman Empire and since the late 19th century, Sofia has served as Bulgarian capital offering plentiful of historical and cultural attractions. Here’s how to get the best of the city in two days before moving permanently through the country’s citizenship programme;

  1. Start your day with a cup of refreshing coffee at the FabrikaDaga; a trendy roaster known best to blend finest coffee granules from around the world. The walk to the Ancient Serdicais short that’d take you straight into the heart of medieval Roman city. Attached to it is the metro station which is among the relics of the eight city streets along with remains of the houses and baths.
  2. The Sofia History Museum helps piece together the past which is housed in a grand former Turkish bathhouse. The museum boasts a powerful aura from the times of Bulgarian independence in the 19th
  3. Next is the Archaeological Museum situated in a former prayer area of the Muslims where lay treasures of the Thracian empire dating back even before the Romans. The President’s Building across the street is closed to public even if you carry Bulgaria citizenship however, the place is known best for changing-of-the-guard ceremony that you may witness live.
  4. Rest your feet and revitalise the soul by taking a break in the City Gardens; a renowned green spot right in front of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre.
  5. Tantalise your taste buds from the authentic local cuisine just a block west of Vitosha with vibrant pedestrian setting at either side.
  6. Aleksander Nevski Cathedral is Sofia’s most iconic building worth seeing and exploring with a Bulgaria citizenship. The magnificent church features domes of gold, gleaming beautifully in the morning sunlight. It took three decades to complete the construction which is dedicated to the Russian soldiers who perished during the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman
  7. One of the most valuable and perfect natural setting of Sofia is perhaps the UNESCO protected Boyana Church. The 13th century church boasts some of the best artwork from the medieval times that are worth seeing.


Live Sofia at its best through Bulgaria citizenship for a lifetime experience.